Some crazy guys including my partner and myself have gone nuts when we have discovered the weakest link in our typical mid to high-end car audio. Top-notch equipment alone and tuning expertise of well-known enthusiast and competition cup holders just does not cut it when what we are seeking is analog (vs. digital) sounding and tonal quality close to the best of home audio or actual performances. We are two certifiably crazy dudes that are willing to venture into the unthinkable even when it means spending more time and money than actually making money, seriously! Besides, the importance of proper signal cabling in our car audio system and a robust power supply to the equipment, our attention has gone to examining quality of crossover components that come with typical car audio components or even the active/powered ones from external processors or crossovers built into the player or amplifier. Understanding the different materials used in capacitors and inductors/coils can be interesting but what really drives us is the end results. Simply satisfying beyond what we have experienced in conventional car audio! Cost aside... :P

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