readers would have remembered that my house is plagued with inconsistent electricity from TNB. (not so much of insufficiency but the quality of electricity)

recently, i asked TNB to switch to another line of supply (there are 3 lines coming to my house, my house being the last house in the row of terrace houses) and this current line is the best of all 3, with a consistent reading of 240-250V. i also experience on many occasions, fantastic sound from my system, especially after 10pm at night, the later the better.

now i have developed a sure-fire method to test the quality of electricity. chesky test disc, track #4, vivaldi's four seasons, has shimmering and sonorous strings when the system is normal. so when it sounds slightly thin and edgy, i know it is time to switch the system off and do something else instead. from observing the trends, i would say that the electricity is bad from 7pm-9pm, when neighbours come back from work and take shower using heaters, presumably.

after tasting how sublime my system sounds when the electricity is robust, i have finally decided to bite the bullet and commission TNB to build a pole infront of my house, for direct supply of electricity.

my "audiophile-grade" electrician quoted me RM4K last time and i wasn't happy. now i get an alternative quote of RM2.5K from a "normal" electrician.

hopefully, i will get it done by the end of this month and it will be perfect sound forever! whee!

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