I guess since all the youngsters have gone iPod and MP3, the leftovers who are going to buy CDs are old farts like us. Ops, should be audiophiles like us. 英皇娛樂集團 has realised such untapped market and got one girl to sing for us.

Certain parts of her voice resembles Sandy Lam's, though at higher pitch and less versatility, is no slouch in presenting the songs in a composed manner. Half of the songs are actually catered for audiophiles as they are arranged in jazz, while some are run of the mill pop stuff.

Still, I would highly recommend this to those who love music and appreciate new faces in satisfying our music appetite. The effort in bringing this album out is not to be overlooked, too. Neuman149 mic, Tube-tech tube pre, 192 sampling and Neve Mixing console are utilized to produce this splendid album!

Remember, you see it here first!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

it is going to take ages before it reaches malaysia.

but we "atas" audiophiles buy it direct from HK :-)

Lil' KC said...

Hahahaha, it took almost 3 months for Malaysian to know who Janice is!

Sad but true, we are too conservative in buying CDs! Always the typical audiophile CDs, sian leh.