looks like this is the season to be jolly and attend concerts... i have just booked 2 tickets for the fourplay concert at DFP yesterday and now i want more...

guys, i am planning to go down south to watch sheila majid perform live in durian (esplanade) next saturday!

i always have a soft spot for sheila. if you remember my earlier post, sheila's legenda album is one of the best audiophile-quality cds in the last decade by a malaysian, which remains my fave cd for many years now. her latest release, a digitally remastered version of legenda, is even better in terms of recording. the legenda album reflects sheila's career at her prime; it also brought back memories of sheila fantastic colloboration with her then producer-husband, roslan aziz who started the label RAP, short for roslan aziz production.

also coinciding with the show, the annual hifi show will be held in the le meridian hotel from friday to sunday next week, so i am actually killing two birds with one stone.

life is short, people, enjoy while you can!

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Guan said...

Have an enjoyable and musical weekend!