i need to do a little survey to find out if local audiophiles are mere armchair music lovers/critics or real concert goers.

please give me some feedback on the following questionaire:

1) how many live concerts do you watch in a year?

2) if we bring in foreign acts like tommy emmanuelle, tuck and patti, shelby lynne, jacintha, emi fujita, aiza sequerra etc etc, would you buy tickets to watch them?

3) if not, what kind of artistes would attract you to pay money to watch?

4) what are your current favourite venue(s) for concerts/gigs?

5) what kind of price range for the tickets that you are comfortable with?

6) do you prefer the venue to be in kl or pj?

please, give me some indications! the more the better!


sunsn said...

Hi there

Good reading your observations re: the magnetic isolation devices; yes, they are expensive!

On a seperate note, which brand of rack do you use and where is it available in KL? Would appreciate some info on this.

Happy listening.....

Panzer said...


I use FE Spider like clones, available from Audio Synthesis on 2nd floor Amcorp Mall in PJ.

For the Real McCoy FE Spider, you'd be advised to talk to the same fella, Adrian at Audio Image whose shop is in SS2 PJ. He also sells Clearaudio, hence you can use the same tel no. listed in that posting.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

such overwhelming response!!! :-(

so the conclusion is very obvious, that the malaysian audiophiles are only armchair music lovers.....

sad la.