so after many hurdles and delays, finally we kicked off our 2nd album's production!

it has been a year since we last had our kick-off meeting and it is so exciting to be able to do another album of 2v1g! it is going to be another memorable chapter in our lives!

the committee, with our new "V", sheena lim, met today to discuss several things, chief of all is the songs selection for the 2nd album.

we have shortlisted 15 songs and the girls are going to have a practice with my producer by the end of the month to finalize the songs. we also would like roger to consider doing one solo as a bonus track.

the economic climate is very bad now but with less competition, we are sure 2v1g will shine!

all we can say is that all the songs we chose have very strong characters. compared to last album, which is ballad-centric, this time we have more mid-tempo songs and more power ballads.

overall, the melody is very strong and it has got plenty of variety.

we wish to launch it by end of july.... god willing.

we certainly are excited!

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hifikaki said...


The first one has been revelatory. I am eagerly awaiting the second helping!