Just got my hands on these two hifi soft wares, and to share some music with the younger audiophiles. The more experienced guys would have probably heard both these great recordings before, the usual 'Seen that, heard that" group. But if you've missed it previously when released here is your chance again.

Linda Ronstadt, For Sentimental Reasons.

Released in 1986, it's song's are typically classic American Song book choices. However, with the backing orchestra under Nelson Riddle's direction plays superbly. This recording, apparently is the last done by Nelson Riddle, features Linda Ronstadt for vocals. She doesn't do her usual singing style here but appears to have accommodated the orchestra really well.

The mood of the music is very well portrayed by the orchestra, from the dreamy opening track, Wish Upon a Star, to the really romantic tittled track, For Sentimental Reasons and the really dark sounding, Round' Midnight.

The DAD recording is superb, with very fine, soft, airy highs, lush string sounds and the vocal presented slightly up front, but never forward or bright sounding. The hall ambiances is realistically captured. In high resolution systems, you can even hear Nelson Riddle counting in the back ground while Linda sings!

Micheal Ruff, Speaking in Melodies.

I got this on the latest reissued 180gsm 2 vinyl set. This Shefield Labs recording bears all the hallmarks of the Shefield Labs sound. Great separation, gutsy dynamic bass guitar and drums, warm piano reproduction with realistic decay, horns comes with burnish tone, textured Hammond B-3 keyboard and great vocal focus.

The music is typical 80's A&R friendly pop, but performed with great musicianship and presentation. I constantly found myself doing the "Air Guitar" unconsciously. Lyrics range from inspirational to romance and doing good for the world sort a thing.

My favorite track is actually the bonus track that came with this 2 LP set, which takes up the whole side 4. The full performance of I'll Find You There runs for 6 mins or more, and the last 3 mins are a jam session between the back up singers, saxophone, bass guitar and drums! At one point I heard 3 singers, evenly spaced behind my speakers, 2 ofthem in the room corners and Micheal in the middle, very palpable and in my room, doing a jingle, each heard clearly, teeth, tongue and all, add the bass guitar, then drums kick in to full dynamic effect. It's a cracker!

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