Amy Winehouse, a junkie of sorts, just like me?

A kable kooker junkie, that is!

I was once a skeptic to the idea of cable cooking. However, since I have experience the sinful taste of a cooked cable, I can no longer bear to listen to un-cooked cables anymore, what ever the price!

There, that's my confession.

Here are just some fancy notes about kable kooker which I experience while hallucinating perhaps?

1) The kable kooker's performance is affect by the power cord powering the kooker! I tried the usual computer supplied grade, Isotek Premium power cord and JPS Inwall. The experience is the better the power cord connected to the IEC socket from wall, the better the sonic results of the cooked cable.

2) Oil filled cables, like some of the Purist Audio Design range, are not effected by kable kooker! I read this in some other forums and decided to try it for my self. I loaned a pair of demo PAD speaker cable, courtesy of Centre Circle Audio, for the purpose. I cooked the cable for 72 hours, with intervals of 24 hours of unhooking and doing a short listening to check for sonic changes and found zip!, nada! or no changes to the sound in plain English.

3) Some cables are harder to cook than others! When cooking cables, especially speaker cables, I found various results. With some speaker cables, when cooking, the kable kooker's metal casing gets very warm to touch. With other cables it's just barely warm. The PAD, totally no temperature felt! But the sonic results also followed the temperature of the cook. The hotter the cook, the better sounding the cable will be post cooked! With the PAD no temperature, no sonic feel either.

4) Silver cables(even silver coated copper ones) take longer to cook, compared to just copper cables. This was evident when I cooked all my XLR cables. Both the Cardas Golden Presence and the AQ Colorado took only 24 hours to cook, both are copper. The AQ Sky, by comparison, took 84 hours to sound just as nice! Speaker cables reveals the same treads. The Abbey Road speaker cables, which are silver and copper strands mixed, reviewed earlier, took a very much longer time to cook compared to the copper only Cardas Golden Reference.

That's all folks! Any more substances, and I'd be OD-ed.


jas said...

true .most cables need to be cooked ,and nothing better than the audiodharma imo

km lee said...

good sort of junkie you are......

Anonymous said...

If the cable cooker does not influence the oil filled cables, what does this tell us?

That the cooker only cooks the cable packaging and not the conductor?


Panzer said...

Anonymous 2.33pm,

Hmmm.... interesting thought you have there! Thanks for the enlightenment.

But still, cooking conductors, or packaging? I think as long as it sounds better.

Anonymous said...

True, as long as it sounds better, then its worthwhile to cook them.

Just curious as AQ and Taralabs have grounding and batteries type application on the cable jacket. They must be doing something.