after months of preparation, MTX (musictoxin xpress) will soon see the light!

we plan to have it distributed in prominent record shops all over malaysia.

pdf download will be available at the following blogs/websites:
1) desirable audio boutique
2) musictoxin
3) axcess tickets

besides, we will also consider starbucks cafes nationwide.... any other places, please suggest to us!

some key contents:

0) fantastic contest to win 3 tickets to watch nah youn sun live at kk jazz festival in june!
1) roger wang speaking on 2v1g's crisis
2) interview with JZ8, the dynamic chinese jazz duo
3) leslie loh [positive vibes] - leslie recommends 5 top chinese albums of 2008
4) joseph ki [listen critically] - audiophile guru joseph talking about 5 audiophile albums that impress him
5) chow kam leong [ jukebox] - chow travels down memory lane with some classic memorable his from the 70s
6) tay cher siang [ talking jazz] - cher siang talks about 5 jazz albums that influence his career
7) axcess tickets' calender
8) no black tie calender for march and april 2009
9) many previews of audiophile albums from interglobal

publication date is 2nd march 2009!

make sure you get a copy!


hifikaki said...


Congratulations on the coming debut of MTX!
You are doing a great service for the local music scene.

Sting said...

Roger Wang....local version of Tuck Andress.

Panzer said...

Congrats to the launch of your new music mag!

Anonymous said...

Are you distributing to all the starbucks outlet ?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,
we are applying with starbucks for the permission to put the mags there.