listening to carpenters makes you forget that punk ever existed... this is how and what pop music should be

i have this urge every once in a while when i switch on my bedside personal lifestyle cd system to some local chinese radio stations - i feel like smashing my system to smithereens! my god, those chinese pop songs they play - for a chinese pop music connoisseur like me - are so unbearably trashy and crappy! my instant reaction is to switch to mixed FM or light & easy to seek solace and gratification. at least, i don't get angry listening to these stations despite the repetitiveness of the format radio. at least the music they play is great music.

i guess the same deterioration applies to western pop as well, tho' to a less degree. the problem with chinese pop music is, many singers are substandard and the music is too formulaic and predictable. that's why chinese cds have no collectible values, save for a few classic singers/titles.

baby boomers like us always reminisce about the good old days of pop music. the 60s were great with beatles and bee gees; the 70s even better; the 80s had the new wave, synth pop and new romantic; the 90s were not bad with the britpop, and far better than now, the 21st century! can you seriously name me any memorable acts since the dawn of the millennium?

call me old-fashioned and jaded middle-age, whenever i am upset with today's music, i dig out my collection of trusty cds, such as the carpenters' ultimate collection (double cd), which contains a whopping 30++ evergreen and bittersweet tunes that will surely soothe and rejuvenate your passion in music. listening to carpenters makes you forget that punk ever existed. this is how and what pop music should be; this is music that makes the listeners happy and sad; this is the reason why we love pop music.

what's your favourite cd(s) that you listen to to rejuvenate your jaded soul?


Andy said...

Mine is electric light Orchestra"s "time"
Original ,melodius, just take you to another era where music{not TV] was King.....

richie said...

I played the original "bat out of Hell" by Meatloaf to my 20 y. o. Nephewed and he was just blown away..The problem is he has taken all of my classic meatloaf albums and refused to return them to me

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi andy,

forgot to tell you that i have been listening to my ELO too ;-)

my faves are "telephone line", "confusion", "shine a little love" and of course "last train to london".

also not forgetting, ONJ's "xanadu" which was composed by jeff lynne himself!

Lebieff said...

I thought I am the only ELO fan in the whole Malaysia.Quite surprised to see that both andy and maggielurva are actually music lovers first and hifi buff seconds ...way to go guys