check out avguide blog link on the right side where robert harley, TAS' editor-in-chief reported on the world's number 1 audiophile, a chinese no less.

while i admire the passion and unlimited wealth of mr. ji hui li, one simple question pops out from my inquisitive mind:

does he really have all the time to play all these massive collection of equipment and LPs/CDs? or is he a mere collector?

i read somewhere that "bigamy is having one wife too many; polygamy is also having one wife too many". haha. dear readers, what's your view?


aboon said...

I think Mr LI is a noble man that believe in the joy of sharing.
Not your typical audiophile who likes to "syok Sendiri"
The world need more people like him
Anybody wants to be the Mr Li's of Malaysia?I will volunteer for free..

yoyoma said...

I agree with you aboon. I do see a lot of audiophiles sharing the joy with a group of friends and sharing the experinces together in my residing town which is 2 hours drive from Amsterdam.By the way what is the meaning of "syok sendiri"?

Anonymous said...

syok sendiri means self gratification.

yoyoma said...

thats the sad story that always happen in the audiophile. We are working sohard and spend all the hard earn money on stereo but sadly people said our stereo is only mid end hifi..But all these people who can afford the expensive hi end hifi will not share with you nor let you listen to their stereo set the only way to listen to the hi end is the hifi shop or the hifi show. really hope that all these miliionaire will be generous enaough to share..