scratching your head as to why the sound has deteriorated for no reasons?
When your have worked so hard to make your system sounding tip-top, occasionally you can hear the slightest deterioration in sound. An audiophile with sensitive hearing is always wondering why his system sounds poorer than before..... here's the quick checklist:

1] Check the DBS battery (if you are using Audioquest DBS cables)

If it falls below 10V (max 12V), time to replace batteries

2] Check bias (if you are using tube amp)

If the bias has drifted, normally the highs become unnatural

3] Check cable arrangement

Don’t lift up cables. Don’t let it cross with power cords. Don’t put it near power conditioner. Reorganize cables if need be.

4] Check channel identification using XLO disc

This is especially important when you don’t get pinpoint imaging. You can still identify the channels (albeit faintly) when the polarity is reversed! So the check on polarity is also important

5] Check polarity of UK/US plug

This is especially important when you don’t get pinpoint imaging

6] Check TNB supply

This normally results in bad sound for the whole night. Nothing you can do about it. Switch off the system and go to sleep! Switch it on the next morning and listen again.

7] Check for loose connection

This is especially important after system re-organization

8] Re-terminate IEC plugs every few years

This is to prevent corrosion and oxidation which may affect the sound especially in sensitive systems. Use the best plugs you can afford.

9] Check preamp especially those with memory

The preamp could have been jolted by a surge. Switch off the mains supply to preamp for 10 minutes. Restart again.

10] If all else fails, time to upgrade!


Tourist said...

Hi. You miss out one last trick. If all things fail, switch off hifi for days or even weeks. Immerse yourself with work, take a holiday or do whatever you have to do to get you away from hifi. When you come back, you would have forgotten what all the fuss is about.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

totally agreed with you, tourist. sometimes, being too immersed in hifi isn't good. take a break once in a while, come back to it when you are feeling refreshed and you may be suprised at your renewed sense of vigour and interest.

Lil' KC said...

Check on the mana/soundframe also, it happened to me once!