The new Wilson Audio Shasha in Canary Yellow.

Now, we already know that Perfect Hi Fi will certainly be a feature at the KLIAV 2009 show, being one of the biggest hifi distributors in the country. But what we did not know is their planned goodies at the exhibition!

First up, Wilson Audio's new Watt Puppy 8 successor, the Shasha will be on show.

Next up is the latest Audio Research Reference 5 line stage pre amp(apparently, all the ARC Ref 5 pre amp allocated stocks for Malaysia has been temporarily sold out, and there's a waiting list for it if you want to buy one today!), and the Reference 8 CD player!, along the rest of the ARC range.

Finally, the Pass Labs local representation issue has been settled, with Perfect Hi Fi exhibiting the latest XP series pre amps and the not so new X-600.5 mono blocks.

Pass Labs XP-10 pre amp.

Pass Labs XP-20 pre amp, Hifikaki's dream may soon come true on this one!

Pass Labs X-600.5 mono blocks.

Other usual Perfect Hi Fi brands like Transparent cables, Sonus Faber speakers and Audio Analogue tube electronics will be making an appearance too.

By the way, Andy, the young energetic boss of Perfect Hi Fi tells me they've just landed Nordost cables and power products as part of their growing stable of brands. Though he's are not sure if the stocks will arrive in time for the show.

Congrats to Perfect Hi Fi!

This KLIAV 2009 show is indeed getting more exciting than I previously thought.


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

great news to those who are eyeing on ref 3, now the price will definitely be reduced!

Panzer said...


Indeed, I've already spotted 3 used ARC Ref 3 in the market now, all going for RM$20K or just below!!!

Your chance to grab one now and make your dreams come true!

GCK said...

Panzer,hifikaki,ML, all, I just had the most awesome experience this evening listening to Soulution pre-power combo driving the Audio Physic Avanti. This is the most realistic sound making machine I have ever come across. Due yourself a favor and head over to Auio Image for a test listening.