Centre Circle Audio will be exhibiting with the many trusty brands in its stable.

The electronics will include Esoteric - very likely the X-05, sibling to Panzer's favourite X-03; Pathos - famous for their hybrid equipment, such as the to-be-displayed Logos, one of my my fave integrated amp; and loudspeakers from Amphion - the Argon2 Anniversary. The system will be strung together with cables from JPS Labs and Purist Audio Design. Powerline conditioners from Isotek will also make their appearance.

Let's see whether Centre Circle Audio's choice of a more real-world, honest-to-goodness system will captivate you!

Acoustic treatment products from Auralex will also be on display, both in Centre Circle Audio's main room and at a booth set up by its sister company, Acoustic Innovations.

Alas, I was told that the new Egglestonworks speaker models would be arriving too late for the show. CCA is also close to sealing the distributorship for a new electronics line. There will probably be a private launch event when these arrive on our shores.

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