We had lunch with the big guy behind Goldmund, Michel Reverchon and some key personnel of Goldmund. And that simple lunch turned out to make us some of the first few to know the latest and coolest development of Goldmund product and technology. But you guys are going to kill me if you know that the lunch took place last Thursday and what you read here might soon be common knowledge.

There are many brands out there as we do not have THE sound. Even between same instruments like pianos and violins, all with the same pitch, we are able to differentiate their unique tonal textures and sonic signatures. And I would say it is a god bless that we do not have THE sound, or else everyone would be listening to synthesized MIDI compositions. Speaking of MIDI, they do sound differently via Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung mobiles! Arghhhhhhhhhh, vicious cycle!

Anyway, to get rid of all these uncertainties and variables, Goldmund has come up with an ingenious idea of certifying the room to Goldmund standard. Unlike THX certification, which is only applicable to commercial theaters, Goldmund offers this only to those rich and famous who deserve nothing but the best.

I have nothing against this though as there are just too many "voices" around us. We have our experiences and mistakes and the "wisdoms" gained or lessons learnt are unique to ourselves. All these push us nowhere but to THE sound we strived to achieve. Hence, certain brands would only suit certain individuals.

But what about those who want the most direct approach to good sound? And those who want to cut out all the hassles and just leave all these to the professionals? Audiophiles who traveled long in this audio journey would not fail to sum the room as part of the setup. The audio manufactures have left this to us so long that many of us screwed up along the way and many gave up due to frustration.

It is a dirty job and Goldmund has decided to roll up the sleeves to do it for you. Just give them a room, room measurements to be exact, and they will custom make the rigs for you. From building materials, furniture arrangements, down to equipment supports, every gory details is taken into consideration to give you nothing but the most cohesive and consistent sound.

Yep, you guess it right! There will be no more generic products, everything is custom built and unique to only your setup. There is no generic DSP for mass market applications, every computation is unique to your room. What Goldmund employs is no ordinary room correction tool, but also phase correction and time alignment utilizing state of the art computation power.

What does this tell us then? Wider sweet spot and lesser setup hassle. At the same time, these also make trickling down the technology so much harder at lower cost. When asked whether this would be a hindrance to Goldmund's market share, not the slightest doubt showed up!

And if a Goldmund certified room is not enough, the technology is extensible to multi room application with a media server employed. The medium could be of the traditional network cabling or the latest wireless transmission. When multiple wireless bands are locked down and dedicated for huge data transmission, you will have simultaneous high definition broadcasts! That is really hi quality home entertainment to the MAX!

It is a dirty job and Goldmund has decided to roll up the sleeves to do it for you. Not any you, but you who deserve nothing but the best! Well, only if you could afford it.

PS: we were offered the opportunity to witness the making of the first Goldmund room in Malaysia. Unfortunately, since I am on payroll, I had to leave as the lunch has already taken 3 hours.

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