i have been comtemplating over a career in audio journalism for more than a year. not that i am the greatest writer on earth but my passion could last me a lifetime. imagine indulging in the most esoteric gear day in day out, and walking in and out of the dealer's showroom. but would i want a hobby to become a career? i am not so sure afterall.

the market for hifi has been declining globally year after year due to a multitude of factors. nobody seems to have the solution to the problem, least of all the manufacturers themselves. hifi is gettin more and more expensive. and it is alienating the younger generation. ask a young chap - will he spend more than 5 minutes sitting in the sweet spot analyzing the imaging of jacintha? or, will he be patient enough to warm up the monoblock tube amps? ask yourself - when was the last time you visited city square (or adelphi for the singaporeans), the once mecca of hifi? do you still read hifi mags?

in the light of this, why would someone still want to consider making a career out of a passing hobby?

i have a noble idea to let the local dealers to promote their stuff economically
in my publication, and at the same time giving the end-users a simple, no BS, reporting on the latest gears that hit the town. my publication would be like a marketplace activity report, once glance and you will know what's happening in the scene and industry. there won't be lengthy discourse or review on a particular piece of gear. any review will be short and snappy. there will be a lot of product information to help the consumers. there will be discounts; there will be promotions. there will be trading post. happening, vibrant and action-packed.

i am not sure it will even make money but that's how i want my publication to be. i want to play a role to push this industry out of the doldrums.

it is noble but it is quite silly as well.

it is a tough job but someone has to do it. could it be me?


Lil' KC said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Anonymous said...


I know of a few guys who tried in Singapore but failed. I think you are doing a good job with this blog and all you need is more publicity and you can still do all you want to do at this blog and maybe something like Echoloft or 6moons. Doing a full time reviewer job is risky in my opinion.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi bro,

yeah, i am not that crazy to commit suicide by doing the same as what others have done (and failed). iaudio came to mind...

i am thinking of an innovation format. it will still be in print medium rather than web. internet is juz for fun. the online crowd is not really the 'spending' crowd, that's a fact in malaysia, not sure about s'pore.

if anything, the web/online will be an augmentation of my print media.

we'll see.

any other input is appreciated. thahks

Guan said...

I'm not sure if a promotional publication will succeed. On the one hand, you may have jaded audio cynics saying that you're in this for the money (advertising revenue etc.) and hence any favourable review will be viewed as being biased.

But if you don't comment about a piece of audio gear in your refreshingly honest and engaging way, then the result may just be another dull promotional flyer without any interesting content. Balancing the two won't easy but it should be interesting!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


i have moved away from promotional approach to really serious hobby publication.

my first thought is that it will be high-end focused. no point doing low-fi or budget gear. of course, i will still introduce so-called "giant-killers" or value-for-money stuff.

on the editorial direction, yes, it is a tough balancing act trying to be honest and pleasing the dealers. a case in point - i have always felt that the old ARC gear have glorious tonality but they don't have the hi-end attributes of today's ARC. this is a fact that i want to publish and i won't compromise so the dealers have to be forewarned.

whatever weak point there is, we have to be tactful and diplomatic.

rest assured it will be something refreshing!