Wah, I sure got problems in manhood already, I have been getting weak knees these past few weeks. First, it was the Naim CD5X, and then it was the Meridian G08, now it is the Goldmund EIDOS 18CD. Selling at more than 20K, wah lau, must be something good within lar.

I dunno whether it’s the Swiss preference or a similarity shared by rigs costing 20K and up, coz both Siltech and Goldmund share similar traits in many areas. The only difference between the 2 is tonal temperature, while Goldmund goes for the breezy cool and pristine sound; Siltech turns towards the lush and warmer tonal shade.

If you have not heard rigs costing this price, don’t even tell anyone about resolution and definition. This player is able to dig real deep into recordings, giving plentiful of details. Indeed, Goldmund has got really no problem in extending sky high and plunging super low. However, I find the details over staggering; do we really need this much of details to enjoy music?

Don’t even think of telling me that this might be false resolution due to excessive highs, coz the details cover from top to bottom. Everything is presented in an incisive manner, cohesive and crisp, snappy and visceral. The outline of the image is sharp and precise. Not only that, there is this classiness and elegance similar to Siltech, products of $$$? Your guess is as good as mine.

The bass, though articulate, is not as capable in building the musical mood like the Meridian. In fact, dry could suitably describe it as it’s clean and taut. Although the highs extend far better than Meridian, it lacks the weight to give it a sense of presence. I find the mids finely grained, too, but not to the extend of giving rough edges. Results of too much details?

If you are an audiophile rather than music lover, by all means, go Goldmund. The sound reproduced is top notch technically compared to Meridian, giving more details and resolution. Sadly, I listen to music rather than sound.

If both players come free, I would still go Meridian! Meridian dealer, hint hint!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

quite a accurate assessment.

something about modern hi-end equipment. some tend to focus on hi-fi aspects of things (resolution, soundstage etc) and forget about the gestalt of music.

goldmund is fine but it does not quite move me.

Lil' KC said...

Shud we find one day to carry the full Goldmund for home trial?!

Maybe the balance cud only be achieved with full Goldmund gears.