wattgate 320i 20A female IEC - can't be found in either MY or SG

i was trying to buy the wattgate 320i 20A female IEC from dedicated audio, USA, online. to my suprise, when i was filling up the address part for the order info, the website doesn't contain MALAYSIA for the country code! frustrated, i wrote an email to dedicated audio.

and within 1 minute, yes, you hear it right, within one minute, i got a instant reply from dan, the CEO of dedicated audio (blue denotes me; red denotes dan):

i am a customer from MALAYSIA, i notice that you don't have my country in the COUNTRY CODE. Can you please add it in so that i can transact? Thanks

Hello, we only accept wire transfers from Malaysia. What products are you interested in?

i replied immediately. again, dan replied almost instantaneously!


phew! that was fast :-)
i wanted to buy the WATTGATE 320i 20A female IEC.....
i hope you can accept credit card for such a small amount.

I just read your feedback at Audiogon. Please understand this is not a personal attack but we have encountered many false CC transactions from Malaysia. We get stuck with the bill.

Simply place your order and place your country name in the address. Select USA as the country. Under the notes: ATTN: DAN and I will straighten it out in the am (currently 1145 pm here). Please be sure to add this to your shopping cart to cover the added Int'l shipping costs



phew! you know what that means, don't you? within one minute, dan actually took the initiative to check my audiogon feedback and is satisfied with my credibility!

i am so damn impressed!

on the other hand, shame on all those credit card fraudsters/scammers from bolehland. you have tarnished our reputation and i hope you get caught and be punished by the law.

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Anonymous said...

Recently I encountered the same reply from earphonesolution too. They removed Msia as well from the list. They said lof of fraud case from Malaysia.I checked other countries nearby, only SG not blocked. Shame.