stealth cloude nine power cord - sending you to cloud nine literally!

i have always been lamenting about the scarcity of true hi-fi enthusiasts in malaysia. i mean, those who have good ears, adventurous spirits and have a healthy bank account to keep spending on hi-fi. let's face it - too few people are spending on hi-fi in malaysia. i am not sure if it is because hi-fi is too expensive here or simply the average malaysians don't earn enough to afford hi-fi. whatever the case, you can't deny that hi-fi (two channel hifi, that is) is seriously on the decline in malaysia. (and globally, i suppose)

but i know someone close to me who proves to be the opposite of the trend, and it is heartening and inspiring to know that there are still people like him in malaysia.

my young friend is only 26 year-old and holds a demanding but well-paying job in an IT firm. a true believer in the adage "you pay peanuts you get monkey" when it comes to hi-fi, he has bought some very serious gear over the last 2 years. and the last i visted him, the sound of his system is very very good. no other 26 year-old i know spent Rm20K on a hi-fi system. he must enter into the guinness record of malaysia.

and the latest i heard is, he wants to buy stealth power cords. if you haven't heard of the brand stealth, go google and read about it. simply put, stealth is one of the lowest profile high-end cable manufacturer in USA. local importer is audiomatic, located at the 1st floor in amcorp mall.

i am very encouraged to see such passion from such a young enthusiast. if only the local hi-fi dealers can incubate this young group of enthusiasts, then hi-fi has a future in malaysia.

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