local gem - promitheus audio balanced power supply
i don't personally know the designer, nick chua, yet from all the brouhaha generated in the audio circles about locally-made promitheus audio products, i gather that at his age (late twenties, i guess), he must be a darn talented bloke.

basheer delivered the BPS (balanced power supply) t0 me last saturday and i had it running-in for 48 hours before serious listening.

i won't go into the technical implementation of BPS, it is not my forte. suffice to say that by splitting the voltage into two, you get common mode rejection which is supposed to eliminate noise and bring about all the resultant sonic benefits that audiophiles crave for.

the 500VA BPS looks uncannily like the richard gray 400s power delivery system. i guess nick must be inspired by it. it is built like a tank, with a single US-type female receptable (you can choose UK-type and even a duplex, i was told) and an IEC outlet for power cord.

using the BPS is a breeze. power it up and it works without any fuss or complaints. i used the BPS dedicatedly on my meridian 508.24 cdp.

if you had never used a power conditioner before, your "wow!" factor is 10 times of those who have. it is really impressive, compared to the untreated and polluted power supply from TNB. first impression is - clean, clean, clean! the sound is almost dirt-free and you could identify individual instruments and vocalists much more easily. separation is great and the sound also gathers dimensionality. the whole frequency spectrum benefits - highs are delicate and smooth; mids are made much more palpable and lows are tighter and less bloated. the background is dead silent too. it is better than upgrading to a high-end interconnect or speaker cables!

compared to the 4 times more expensive richard gray 600s power delivery system that i am using (yes, i know i am not comparing apple to apple but what the heck), BPS is easily humbled. richard gray has much more air and ambience than BPS, and music is allowed much more freedom to breathe and flow. but at 4 times the price, can you expect anything less?

suffice to say that i am positively impressed with BPS and i would recommend anyone who has yet to install a conditioner in his system to really give it a go. nick has higher models for more power hungry equipment like your power amps.
the only local product that has impressed me so far is frankie's pipit phono stage. now, i would like to add promitheus audio BPS along side.

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lesfren said...

Hi Leslie!
Just got off the line with you a sec ago! Heck! You in HK,...now Maxis charge both ways? haha. Anyways, as I've mentioned, was reading your blog page and I've got a suggestion/comments or 2.

1. Great that you do reviews, especially local stuff. I use to work in KL, but now am working outstation. And as you can imagine, hifi stuff in Melaka is rare. Love the KL scene though. So keep up with the reviews!
2. It would be great if you could at least include the prices along with the reviews.
3. Would like to come over to your place to have a listen to your 'stuff'. Have lost touch with the local hifi scene, been 'away' from it for like 5-6 years. Have only recently got back my 'itch', so would like to listen to 'good' stuff and get back my hifi 'ears' so to speak. Current setup - Technics SLP2000 cd player, Euphonic Research ATT-600 pre amp, Kinergetics KBA-75 power and Mission 780 speakers. Wires from XLO, Wireworld and Audioquest. Most of my stuff are old, except for the preamp. Am itching for a turntable right now (got some records gathering dust). Hopefully we could meet up some day and chit chat.

Nice talking to you again.